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Why Can I Claim PPI?

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has recently fined a number of high street banks and lenders over the mis-selling of Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). This means that if you have taken out a loan, credit card or mortgage in the last 15-20 years which had PPI included there is a good chance you could get all of this back plus interest.

I’m Not Sure If I Had PPI With My Loan, Credit Card or Mortgage?

The majority of loans as well as many credit cards and mortgages have included some form of Payment Protection Insurance. Payment Protection Insurance is also known as Personal Loan Protection (PLP), Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance (MPPI), Accident Sickness and Unemployment Cover (ASU), Life & Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Cover (Life and ASU), or Credit Card Repayment Protection (CCRP).

How Much Can I Claim?

There is no maximum limit on what you can claim. The amount you can claim will vary depending on your bank / lender but on a loan of £10,000 you may be able to claim around £3,500 which includes the interest payments. Why not try our PPI Claim Estimator.

Can I Claim For A Business Loan Or Credit Card?

Yes you can. You can claim for both personal and business loans and credit cards.

Can I Make More Than One Claim?

Yes you can. Most people make several claims as they have had several loans, credit cards and mortgages in the last 15-20 years that included PPI cover.

How Much Will It Cost Me?

We operate on a No Win No Fee basis* and won’t charge you a penny unless we win your claim. If we do win your claim our fees are 25% plus VAT and this will be payable from the amount we win.

Fee examples can be seen below:

  • If you receive £2000 in compensation we will charge you £600 (£500 + VAT) leaving you with £1400.
  • If your lender deducts £1000 from your outstanding balance we will charge you £300 (£250 + VAT).
  • If you receive £1000 in compensation and £2000 deducted from your outstanding balance we will charge you £900 (£750 + VAT).
  • If you were to decline any offer of compensation which is consistent with the Financial Ombudsman guidelines, and which we recommend to accept, we would charge you 25% of the offer amount + VAT.

* If you cancel on request after 14 days then you may be subject to a cancellation charge (see our Terms and Conditions)

I Have Moved Bank And No Longer Have The Account. Can I Still Make A Claim?

Yes you can.

Will A Claim Affect My Credit Rating?

No. Making a claim will not negatively affect your credit rating.

Will My Bank Contact Me?

They shouldn’t do. You will have given us authority to act on your behalf. If they do contact you by post, then you should pass this on to us so that we can respond appropriately.

When Will I Get My Money?

This all depends on the complexity of your claim. In some cases we will be able to send you a cheque within a few weeks; however other claims can take a few months. On average it takes around 4-8 weeks to receive a decision from a lender.

What Will I Have To Do?

You will need to complete the forms we send you and return them to us in our free post envelope. We will then pursue your claim on your behalf.

Can I Speed Up My Claim?

By sending us the original paperwork for any loans, credit cards or mortgages we are making a claim for you can guarantee this will speed up your claim.

My Loan, Credit Card Or Mortgage Has Been Paid Off, Can I Still Claim?

Yes you can.

Can I Make The Claim Myself?

Yes you can do this yourself if you prefer. Should you choose to use Hidenda, we have the knowledge, expertise and time to manage your claim on your behalf, without any hassle, leaving you free to get on with your daily life.

Who Are Hidenda?

Hidenda is a trading style of Harwood Claims Management Ltd. Harwood Claims Management Limited trading as Hidenda is regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in respect of regulated claims management activities; that registration is recorded on the Claims Regulation website (CRM 30053).

What Are Your Terms And Conditions?

Our Terms and Conditions of Contract are available by clicking here.

What Is Your Complaints Procedure?

Our complaints procedure is available by clicking here.

Can I Cancel My Contract With Hidenda?

If you no longer want Hidenda to deal with your claim you can cancel by a clear statement, e.g. in writing to our postal address (6E2 Boundary Court, Willow Farm Business Park, Castle Donington. DE74 2NN), by e-mail (, or by telephone. Once we receive this we will simply cancel the contract with you and will stop processing your claim. We will only bill you for work carried out, and providing it is outside of the 14 day cooling off period that is applicable by law. If no work has been done then you will not be charged. If work has been done you may well receive a bill for the work done as per the contract you have signed with us.

If you do not cancel your contract with Hidenda and allow the claim process to run its course, if we do not get any refund for you then you will not be charged anything. You will only be charged if we get you a refund and that will be 25% + VAT of the refunded amount.

How Do I Know My Information Is Safe With Your Company?

Hidenda take your privacy very seriously. We are registered with The Information Commissioner and we comply with all aspects of The Data Protection Act 1998. For more information, see our privacy policy.

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* If you cancel on request after 14 days then you may be subject to a cancellation charge (see our Terms and Conditions)

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