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Hidenda offer the following services to new and existing clients:

  • PPI Refund Tax Claims
  • If you received a PPI refund after April 2016 then you could be owed a further refund.

    PPI refunds returned what you had paid for the PPI as well, as ‘Statutory Interest’. Banks have automatically taken 20% of the Statutory Interest part of your refund and paid it to HMRC as tax on your behalf.

    In April 2016, HMRC changed the rules regarding the tax you would have to pay on the statutory interest you received from your PPI refund. The new rules meant people could receive a lot more interest before any tax would need to be paid. This means that millions of people who have received PPI refunds have had too much tax taken due to the banks making these automatic payments to HMRC. This overpayment of tax must be reclaimed.

  • Marriage Allowance Refunds
  • Millions of married and civil partnership couples are paying too much tax every year and are owed a maximum refund of £1,220.

    In 2015, HMRC introduced the 'marriage tax allowance scheme'. This allows married couples and civil partnerships to 'share' some of their tax allowance. What this means is if you are married or in a civil partnership, you could be due a maximum refund of £1,220.

These services can only be offered by companies who are authorised in relation to anti-money laundering and are registered tax agents with HMRC. Hidenda is authorised by HMRC in relation to anti-money laundering and has tax agent code HY5716. This means Hidenda is able to process these refunds for clients.

Legal PPI Claims

PPI can still be reclaimed through a different route. In 2014 UK courts ruled that a Mrs Plevin had been sold PPI. The courts also heard how two very important things hadn't happened, which were:

  • She had not been informed that commission would be paid to the organisation that sold her PPI; and
  • She was also not informed about the amount of commission that would be paid.

This created what is legally called an 'unfair relationship'. In simple terms, the PPI contract that she signed was invalidated and she was repaid all the money she had spent on PPI. This means that PPI can still be reclaimed under this basis.

Historic mis-sold PPI claims

Hidenda have dealt with in excess of 150,000 clients and are still processing mis-sold PPI claims for existing clients that were submitted before the deadline of August 2019. No new mis-sold PPI claims can now be submitted.

Existing Clients

If you are an existing customer you can be kept up-to-date with the progress of your claims via our state-of-the-art online portal which is available at